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Now, Create 'robots.txt' file at your root directory. Copy above text and paste into the text file.

About Robots.txt Generator

The Robots.txt Generator is a tool used to create a robots.txt file for a website. The robots.txt file is a simple text file that resides on the root directory of a website and informs web robots (such as search engine crawlers) which pages or sections of a site should not be crawled and indexed.

By using a Robots.txt Generator, website owners can easily specify which pages should be excluded from search engine indexing, helping to prevent duplicate content, improve crawling efficiency, and maintain the privacy of sensitive information.

To use a Robots.txt Generator, simply enter the URL of your website and select the pages you want to exclude from indexing. The generator will then create a robots.txt file for you to download and upload to your website's root directory.

It's important to note that while the robots.txt file is a widely recognized and respected standard, it's not a guarantee that search engines will obey the directives specified in the file. Some malicious web robots may ignore the file and crawl your website regardless.

In conclusion, a Robots.txt Generator is a useful tool for website owners looking to control the indexing of their site by search engines and other web robots. By using it to create a comprehensive and up-to-date robots.txt file, you can improve the efficiency and privacy of your website's search engine optimization efforts.